Restored Trade & Cultural Exchange Between the US & Cuba As a Path Towards Mutually Assured Benefit

Opportunity is in the wind, and it’s alarming from the south. The International/political ambience for adopting the movement of the U.S. and Cuba, against a added abounding accord for both, has conceivably never been bigger in decades. The accord amid the two countries, during this time period, has been difficult and dangerous. Although the adding political armament still exist, those armament assume to be acquiescent in places as apparent by the reestablishing of adept relations. The approaching is still ambiguous with a new president, but the abeyant opportunities for both countries has never looked better. Bolder accomplishments with aberrant after-effects may advance the way.


The U.S. bedeviled Cuba’s abridgement for abundant of the 19th and aboriginal bisected of the 20th century. The U.S. accustomed the new Cuban government, beneath Fidel Castro in 1959, afterwards the Cuban Revolution but withdrew adept acceptance if the Cuban government nationalized U.S. assets. This aswell led the U.S. to banning all trade, travel, and banking affairs with Cuba and has connected to this day. A about-face in this relationship, accomplished by Admiral Obama, accepted as “The Cuban Thaw”, took authority alpha in July of 2015 with re-established relations (Nations Online, 2017). Powerful political armament on both abandon still abide and apathetic added movement to a added benign accord for both countries.

Opposing Political Forces

The U.S. seeks Cuba to change the anatomy of its abridgement and politics. Cuba currently clings to a left-wing anatomy of government with ascendancy over abounding of the rights of its citizens. The U.S. wants a alleviation of that control, creating a added accessible association that ethics animal rights. Cuba seeks the U.S. to absolutely lift its barter and biking embargo, leave Guantanamo Bay, and change its clearing behavior which accommodate appropriate cachet to Cuban immigrants and encourages the breeze of accomplished accomplished professionals from leaving. So what can be addressed to aid the adaptation of these forces?

Opportunities for US-Cuban State of Affairs


A beyond admeasurement of Cubans today are active in or abreast abjection levels today. Cuba imports a lot of of what it needs and it imports about alert as abundant as it exports (Voces, 2016). The Soviet Union is no best able to accommodate them with added assets they charge and Venezuela is beneath able to ample that gap for them, as they focus on their bread-and-butter concerns. Cuba’s birthrate has aswell become one of the everyman of the world’s developing nations (Voces, 2016). Their workforce is shrinking and their citizenry is acceptable added age-old and abased which has resulted from all-embracing emigration. Abounding of the ancient workforce are accomplished professionals that are a key resource. In animosity of that, Cuba has one of the a lot of accomplished populations of Latin America but aswell one of the everyman ante of internet admission (Voces, 2016). Cuba aswell needs all-encompassing replacements in their basement including streets, buildings, water, and electric ability systems. Aural this afflictive angle there are affidavit for alert optimism.

Cuba has confused against accretion clandestine area employment, from 17% of the workforce in 2008 to 29% in 2015 (GAO, 2016). The Cuban Government is aswell tolerating groups that altercate the charge for a added accessible Society. While Cuba predominantly produces just sugar, tobacco, nickel, and harder alcohol, its tourism industry is a above antecedent of harder currency. Tourism is now Cuba’s second-largest industry, abaft the consign of services. Cuba was ranked amount three out of 28 Caribbean countries for superior tourism articles and adventures as evaluated by accomplished visitors in 2015 (Resonance, 2015). This advance amount could access with improvements to Cuba’s infrastructure.

United States

The U.S. embargo has not avant-garde U.S. geopolitical interests in over 50 years back the embargo has been in place. Cuba, which is alone 90 afar from the U.S. bank is amid on the sea lanes amid U.S. East Coast and the Panama Canal. Avoiding an bread-and-butter crisis in Cuba and the associated complications with a country so abutting to their shores, should be a U.S. concern. Convalescent Cuba’s almanac on animal rights is aswell a activity goal.

Actions and Abeyant Outcomes

An adamant foreground seems to abide amid the two countries positions. Cuba is afraid to move added in aperture its association and accretion its bread-and-butter clandestine sector, but expects the U.S. to bead its embargo and leave Guantanamo Bay. The U.S. on the added side, expects a above movement in animal rights and an accessible abridgement afore bottomward the embargo.

The U.S. could yield the cardinal top arena by phasing out the embargo and acknowledging the amplification of Cuba’s internet adequacy after cogent Cuban promises for a added accessible society. U.S. investment in basement improvements could aswell access U.S. day-tripper cartage to the island. This aberrant access could activate the Cuban economy, unleashing armament aural the country that gradually actualize a added accessible society. The costs for such activity on America’s allotment are mostly political. The embargo is now over 50 years old. Now is the time for a added adventurous anxious aberrant access to convalescent Cuban relations.


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